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New Harris County Civil Courthouse in Downtown Houston, TX
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Judge Mark Davidson Campaign Yard Sign with Photo 2008 Judicial Elections Harris County Texas

2008 Election Contest for the 11th District Bench
Mark Davidson vs. Mike Mille
Judge Mark Davidson  was unopposed in the Republican primary, but faced a
Democratic opponent in the general election. Davidson sought to distinguish
himself in the reelection campaign from his fellow Republican incumbents and
even sported endorsements by Democrats on his
campaign website, but it did
not appear to make a difference. Davidson was swept out along with most
Harris County incumbent Republican judges.
 Attorney Mike Miller, sole
candidate in the Democratic Party's primary garnered a comfortable majority of
the vote. Miller  is a long-time trial lawyer who knows both sides of the docket
and promised judicial restraint and dignified treatment of lawyers and litigants.
Davidson continues on as a appointed judge of a special court for asbestos
For contact Information for this court, include telephone number and address, go to the Official web page
for the 11th District Court of Harris County  (Hon. Mike Miller)  
also see -->  
Judge's Bio and resume (CV) (Predecessor Judge Davidson)
GOP Blurb on Incumbent
Keep our Judges dot com)
Democratic Billing
Judges for All dot com)

Mark Davidson

From the Harris County GOP
Judicial Re-Election Campaign Website:

Civil Judges

Thirteen of the twenty-five judges who preside
over Harris County’s Civil District Courts are up
for election in 2008. You can find out about
those individual civil judges be scrolling down
this page. These courts and these judges work
every day to ensure fair, just, and impartial
hearings for every person who comes before
the bench.  Our civil judges hear a variety of
cases, both large and small.

Comment: There are actually 15 civil bench
contests. The local GOP omitted Mark
Davidson, and his court. Is he too non- or bi-
Houston Chronicle has endorsed Davidson

Mike Miller

Candidate for
11th District Court

Mike Miller has been a Texas trial lawyer for over 27
years and has tried over 150 jury trials on both sides
of criminal and civil dockets in many counties
throughout Texas. For the past 19 years he has
been in private practice in Harris County handling
hundreds of civil lawsuits on behalf of defendants
and plaintiffs in both a large defense firm and small
plaintiffs’ firms. These lawsuits have resulted in
settlements and verdicts ranging from $0 to $20
million. Mike Miller has been board certified in
personal injury trial law since 1993 and is AV rated.

Judge should recuse themselves when
their impartiality could fairly be questioned
due to factors outside the merits
of a case. It is as important that judges
promote confidence in their integrity as
it is that they make the correct legal rulings
in the cases before them.
LWV Voters Guide: Question to candidate

TRCP 18b establishes the grounds for
recusal. Generally, recusal is appropriate
if her impartiality might reasonably
be questioned, she has a personal bias
or personal knowledge of disputed facts,
she has been a material witness or lawyer
in the case, she has a financial interest,
or a family member is or was involved or
could be affected by the outcome.

Source: League of Women Voters Guide: Candidate Q&A
Mike Miller Succeeds Mark Davidson
as Judge of the 11th District Court
in Harris County, Texas
Houston Opinions
2008 ELECTION OUTCOME:    REP Mark Davidson 537,626 Votes 48.81%
                                                       DEM Mike Miller  563,884 Votes: 51.19%
                                         See all Harris County Election Results
All that hard work did not pay off

Harris County District Court Judges

11th  Judge Mike Miller (2009)
11th  Judge Mark Davidson (former)  
Judge Dion Ramos (elected 2008)
55th  Judge Jeff Shadwick (former)
55th  Judge Jeff Brown (former)
61st  Judge Al Bennet (2009)
61st  Judge John Donovan (former)
80th  Judge Larry Weiman (2009)
80th  Judge Lynn Bradshaw-Hull (former)
113th  Judge Patricia Hancock
125th  Judge Kyle Carter (2009)
125th  Judge John Coselli (former)
127th  Judge R. K. Sandill (2009)
127th  Judge Sharolyn Wood (former)
129th  Judge Michael Gomez (2009)
129th  Judge Grant Dorfman (former)
133th  Judge Jaclanel McFarland (2009)
133th  Judge Lamar McCorkle (former)
151st   Judge Mike Engelhart (2009)
151st   Judge Caroline E. Baker (former)
152nd  Judge Robert Schaffer (2009)
152nd  Judge Kenneth Wise (former)
157th   Judge Randall Wilson
164th   Judge Alexandra Smoots-Hogan (2009)
164th   Judge Martha Hill Jamison (former)
165th   Judge Josefina Muniz Rendon (2009)
165th   Judge Elizabeth Ray (former)
189th   Judge Bill Burke
190th   Judge Patricia Kerrigan (reelected '08)
190th   Hon. Jennifer W. Elrod (now on 5th Cir)
Judge Steven E. Kirkland (2009)
215th   Judge Levi Benton (former)
234th   Judge Reece Rondon
269th   Judge Dan Hinde (appointed 2008)
269th   John T. Wooldridge (resigned 2008)
270th   Judge Brent Gamble
280th   Judge Tony Lindsay
281st   Judge Sylvia Matthews (appt'd 2008)
281st   Judge David J. Bernal (resigned 2008)
295th   Judge Tracy E. Christopher
333rd  Judge Joseph James "Tad" Halbach Jr.
334th  Judge Sharon McCally (reelected 2008)

Aug. 10, 2009: High-profile defamation suit stemming from steroid-pushing allegations
against gym owner lands in Judge Miller's court:

Kelly Blair v. Michael O'Keeffe, et al; In the 11th District Court of Harris County, Texas, Cause No. 2009-
50671(defamation of character by journalists and book publisher alleged)   


In Re Continental Airlines, Inc. (Tex.App. - Houston [14th Dist.] Feb. 4, 2010)(Seymore)
mandamus relief granted to quash apex disposition)
The trial court abused its discretion by compelling the apex deposition of Larry Kellner.  Accordingly, we
conditionally grant Continental’s petition and direct the trial court to set aside its October 26, 2009
order compelling Kellner’s deposition.  
MOTION OR WRIT GRANTED: Opinion by Justice Seymore     
Before Chief Justice Hedges, Justices Seymore and Sullivan    
14-09-00952-CV  In Re Continental Airlines, Inc.    
Appeal from 11th District Court of Harris County
Trial Court Judge:
Mike Miller

In re Texas Tri-Care Rehabilitation (pdf) (Tex.App.- Houston [1st Dist.] Jan. 22, 2010)(per curiam)
(discovery mandamus denied re: order compelling responses to certain requests for production)
Before Justices Keyes, Alcala and Hanks    
01-10-00003-CV  In re Texas Tri-Care Rehabilitation and Lawrence Roddick, D.C.    
Appeal from 11th District Court of Harris County
Trial Court Judge:  
Hon. Mike Miller  

In Re Fabian (Tex.App. - Houston [1st Dist.] Jul. 14, 2009)(per curiam)
Before Justices Keyes, Hanks and Bland
01-09-00557-CV In re Maria E. Fabian   
Appeal from 11th District Court of Harris County
Trial Court Judge: Hon. Mike Miller
Trial Court Case #: 0910152\
Relator, Maria E. Fabian, seeks mandamus relief to compel the trial court to
vacate its June 15, 2009 order denying her motion to show authority.1 On July 2,
2009, Fabian moved to dismiss the petition for writ of mandamus and accompanying
motion for emergency relief.
We dismiss the petition for writ of mandamus and accompanying motion for
emergency relief.
The underlying lawsuit is Mayra Enereida Ibarra-Garcia v. United Parcel Services Inc.,
Cause Number 2009-10152, in the 11th Judicial District Court of Harris County, Texas, the
Honorable Michael Miller, presiding.

In re Pernia (Tex.App.- Houston [1st Dist.] Jun. 25, 2009)(per curiam denial)
Panel members: Chief Justice Radack, Justices Taft and Sharp   
01-09-00295-CV In re Sherman D. Pernia   
Appeal from 11th District Court of Harris County
Trial Court Judge: Hon. Mike Miller  
Trial Court Case #: 0815502  
By petition for writ of mandamus, relator, Sherman D. Pernia, challenges the trial court's[Fn1]         
May 6, 2009, order compelling arbitration.         
On April 20, 2009, the Court abated the above-referenced original proceeding to allow the Honorable Mike Miller, who
succeeded the Honorable Mark Davidson, former judge of the 11th District Court of Harris County, Texas, to reconsider
Judge Davidson’s order, dated December 30, 2008, compelling arbitration. See Tex. R. App. P. 7.2(b) (“If the case is an
original proceeding under Rule 52, the court must abate the proceeding to allow the successor to reconsider the
original party’s decision.”). On May 26, 2009, relator filed with this Court a copy of Judge Miller’s order, in which he, too,
compelled arbitration.       
Accordingly, we reinstate the above-referenced original proceeding on the Court’s active docket.
We deny relator’s motion for temporary stay of arbitration.
We deny the petition for writ of mandamus.
Panel consists of Chief Justice Radack and Justices Sharp and Taft [Fn2]
Fn1: The underlying case is Sherman D. Pernia v. Mark B. Anderson., No. 2008-15502, in the
11th District Court of Harris County, Texas, the Honorable Mike Miller, presiding.                         
Fn2: The Honorable
Tim Taft, retired justice, Court of Appeals for the First District of Texas, participating by assignment.
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