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Kalina v. Burns (Tex.App.- Houston [14th Dist.] Jul. 23, 2009)(Hedges)(probate law: mental capacity of
testator to convey real estate property,
undue influence, void deed, claim of ,jury charge error)
AFFIRMED: Opinion by
Chief Justice Hedges   
Before Chief Justice Hedges, Justices Brock Yates and Frost  
14-08-00589-CV  Larry Kalina, Diane Kalina and Clint Kalina v. Cody Will Burns, Individually and as
Administrator of the Estate of Karen Dean Burns, Deceased   
Appeal from 12th District Court of Madison County  

In re Morgan Stanley & Co, Inc. (Tex. 2009) (mandamus denial)(arbitration)
No. 07-0665 (Tex. Jul. 3, 2009)(Medina) (
arbitration mandamus denied)(arbitration vs. litigation: legal
capacity of party to arbitration clause embedded in an account agreement,
who decides the issue? the
court or the arbitrator?)