law-constitutional-violation | ultra vires acts | Section 1983 claims | equitable injunctive relief

Robinson v. Alief ISD (Tex.App.- Houston [14th Dist.] Aug. 25, 2009) (public employment, school law)
school employee record expunction dispute, lack of jurisdiction due to mootness, no declaratory
judgment on constitutional violations that have ceased, plaintiff no longer an employee subject to
alleged unconstitutional conduct,
opportunity to amend waived )
AFFIRMED: Opinion by Chief Justice Hedges    
Before Chief Justice Hedges, Justices Brock Yates and Frost  
14-08-00949-CV Adrian Robinson v. Alief Independent School District and Louis Stoerner, In his Official
Capacity Only   
Appeal from 80th District Court of Harris County
Trial Court Judge:
Dissenting Opinion by Justice Frost  in Adrian Robinson v. Alief Independent School District