First and Fourteenth Court of Appeals Compared

(FY 2006 data)

FY 2006 First Fourteenth Commentary
Total number of opinions 1183 1338 The Fourteenth Court of Appeals handed down a larger number of opinions,
Number of signed opinions 633 633 but issued the same number of signed opinions.
Number of per curiam opinions 508 604 The difference is made up by a larger number of per curiam opinions on the 14th.
Number of published opinions 718 761 The 14th Court designated a slightly larger number of opinions for publication
Total number of separate opinions (dissents and concurrences) 42 41 The totals of dissenting and concurring opinions are about the same, but
Concurrences 31 22 the First Court had about three times as many concurrences as dissents, whereas
Dissents 11 19 in the Fourteenth Court of Appeals the breakdown was more even.
Justice with highest combined total of dissents and concurrences Terry Jennings (25) Kem Frost (9) In the First Court of Appeals Evelyn Keyes dissented most frequently, followed by Terry Jennings, who wrote the largest number of concurring opinions.
Runner up in combined total number of dissents and concurrences Evelyn Keyes (12) Richard Edelman (8) In the Fourteenth Court of Appeals dissents and concurrences were more evenly distributed.
Top Dissenter Evelyn Keyes (6) Kem Frost (4) Kem Frost led with 4 dissents and 5 concurrences, followed by Edelman, Yates, and Seymore, who wrote three dissenting opinions each.
Runner up in number of Dissenting opinions Terry Jennings (3) Edelman, Yates, Seymore

(3 each)

Frost and Edelman tied in the number of concurring opinions, with 5 each.
Source: Official Data