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2006 Per Curiam Opinions in reverse chronological order of release

In re Ford Motor Co., No. 05-0696 (Tex. Dec. 22, 2006)(mandamus)(per curiam)(discovery, confidential
documents, protective order)

Via Net v. TIG Ins. Co.,No. 05-0785 (Tex. Dec. 22, 2006)(per curiam)(insurance coverage)

Hernandez v. National Restoration Tech, No. 06-0454 (Tex. Dec. 22, 2006)(per curiam)(appellate
deadline extension by holiday)

Land Rover U.K. Ltd. v. Hinojosa, No. 04-0794 (Tex. Dec. 15, 2006)(per curiam)

The Long Trusts v. Griffin, No. 04-0825 (Tex. Dec. 8, 2006)(per curiam)(attorneys fees)

Bulanek v. Westtex 66 Pipeline Co. (Tex. Dec. 1, 2007)(per curiam)(condemnation)

Barker v. Eckman, No. 04-0194 (Tex. Dec. 1, 2006)(Johnson)(breach of bailment agreement)

Lexington Ins. Co. v. Strayhorn, No. 04-0429 (Tex. Dec. 1, 2006)(Brister)(taxes)

Tran v. Macha, No. 04-1107 (Tex. Dec. 1, 2006)(per curiam)(real estate case, adverse possession,
mutual mistake)

Texas Dep't of Public Safety v. Alford, No. 05-0164 (Tex. Dec. 1, 2006)(per curiam)(drivers licenses

City of Dallas v. Thompson, No. 05-0787 (Tex. Dec. 1, 2006)(per curiam)(premises liability, immunity)

Chisholm v. Chismolm, No. 05-0996 (Tex. Dec. 1, 2006)(per curiam)(divorce, property, agreement)

In Interest of H.R.M., No. 06-0270 (Tex. Dec. 1 2006)(per curiam)(termination)

In Interestof R.R. and S.J.S., No. 06-0460 (Tex. Dec. 1, 2006)(per curiam)(termination)

City of Waco v. Abbott, No. 06-0545 (Tex. Dec. 1, 2006)(confidentiality, arrest warrant affidavits)

In re Graco Children’s Products, No. 05-0479 (Tex. Oct. 27, 2006)(per curiam)(discovery

Western Steel Co. v. Altenburg, No. 05-0630 (Tex. Oct. 27, 2006)(per curiam)(workers compensation
defense, status of injured employee)        

Parker v. Barefield, No. 06-0201 (Tex. Oct 27, 2006)(per curiam)(special exceptions, opportunity to

In re Texas DFPS, No. 04-1043 (Tex. Sep. 22, 2006)(per curiam)(termination, deadline for final order,

In re GE Capital Corp., No. 05-0482 (Tex. Sep. 22, 2006)(per curiam)(jury trial waiver)          

Cary v. Alford, No. 05-1018 (Tex. Sep. 22, 2006)(per curiam)

City of Midland v. Goerlitz, No. 03-0185 (Tex. Aug. 31, 2006)(per curiam)
City of Midland v. Goerlitz, 201 S.W.3d 689 (Tex. 2006)

City of Houston v. United Water Services, No. 04-0547 (Tex. Aug. 31, 2006)(per curiam)         

Port Neches-Groves ISD v. Pyramid Constructors, No. 04-0737 (Tex. Aug. 31, 2006)(per curiam)         

Metro v. MEB Engineering, No. 04-0757 (Tex. Aug. 31, 2006)(per curiam)

City of  Irving v. Inform Construction, No. 04-0984 (Tex. Aug 31, 2006)(per curiam)

City of Angleton v. USfilter Operating Servc’s Inc., No. 05-0098 (Tex. Aug. 31, 2006)(per curiam)

Blue Cross Blue Shield v. Duenez, No. 05-0521 (Tex. Aug. 31, 2006)(per curiam)(ERS, UDJA, fees,
administrative remedies, jurisdiction)         

Ross v. National Center for the Employment of the Disabled, No. 05-0534 (Tex. Aug. 31, 2006)(per
curiam)(turnover order, void order)

Pena v. McDowell, No. 05-0546 (Tex. Aug. 31, 2006)(per curiam)          

LMB, Ltd v. Moreno, No. 05-0764 (Tex. Aug. 31, 2006)(per curiam)(premises liability, death)

Satterfield v. Irving ISD, No. 04-0175 (Tex. Jun. 30, 2006)(per curiam opinion)(immunity)         

City of Houston v. Clear Channel Outdoor, No. 04-0406 (Tex. Jun. 30, 2006)(per curiam opinion)
City of Houston v. Clear Channel Outdoor, Inc., 197 S.W.3d 386 (Tex. 2006)(immunity)
Also see ---> Opinion on remand
City of Houston v. Clear Channel Outdoor, Inc. (Tex.App.- Houston
[14th Dist.] Jul. 31, 2007)(Guzman)(breach of contract, sovereign immunity, plea to the jurisdiction was
properly denied)

McMahon Contracting, LP v. City of Carrollton, No. 04-0622 (Tex. Jun. 30, 2006)(per curiam opinion)

City of Houston v. Allco, Inc., No. 04-0730 (Tex. Jun. 30, 2006)(per curiam opinion)(Immunity

City of Tyler v. Beck, No. 04-0813 (Tex. Jun. 30, 2006)(per curiam opinion)(condemnation)

City of Houston v. Jones, No. 04-0979 (Tex. Jun. 30, 2006)(per curiam opinion)(breach of settlement
agreement, immunity)
City of Houston v. Jones, 197 S.W.3d 391(Tex. 2006)

Sudan v. Sudan, No. 04-0921 (Tex. Jun. 30, 2006)(per curiam opinion)(alimony agreement, no

City of Houston v. Boyer, Inc., No. 04-1021 (Tex. Jun 30, 2006)(per curiam opinion)(immunity)

City of Waco v. Kelley, No. 04-1113 (Tex. June. 30, 2006)(per curiam opinion)(public employment, city's
right to appeal from administrative proceeding)        

PKG Contracting v. City of Mesquite, No. 04-1139 (Tex. Jun. 30, 2006)(per curiam opinion))(immunity)

In Re Olga Palacios, No. 05-0038 (Tex. Jun. 30, 2006)(per curiam opinion) (arbitration mandamus)        

O’Donnell v. Smith, No. 05-0072 (Tex. Jun. 30, 2006)(per curiam opinion)(estate, capacity, legal
malpractice suit)        

Columbus I.S.D. v. Five Oaks Achievement Center, No. 05-0414 (Tex. Jun. 30, 20069)(per curiam

Sisk Utilities, Inc. v. City of Greenville, No. 05-0601 (Tex. Jun. 30, 2006)(per curiam opinion)

Guest v. Dixon, M.D., No. 04-0128 (Tex. Jun. 16, 2006)(per curiam opinion)(DWOP, reinstatement of suit)

In Re Dallas Peterbilt, No. 05-0706 (Tex. Jun. 16, 2006)(per curiam opinion)(arbitration)        

Ross v. National Center for the Employment of the Disabled, No. 05-1082 (Tex. Jun. 16, 2006)(first per
curiam opinion)(bill of review, default judgment, unserved defendant)

Gonzalez v. McAllen Med. Center, No. 03-0939 (Tex. Jun. 9, 2006)(per curiam opinion)(HCLC, jury,
written appellate opinion)

Wilhelm v. Flores, No. 04-0208 (Tex. Jun. 9, 2006)(per curiam opinion)(bee sting death liability,

Larson, M.D. v. Downing, No. 05-0155 (Tex. Jun. 9, 2006)(per curiam opinion)(HCLC, expert testimony)

Jernigan, M.D. v. Langley, No. 05-0299 (Tex. Jun. 9, 2006)(per curiam opinion)(HCLC, medical
malpractice, expert report requirement)

Citizen National Bank v. Scott, No. 05-0454 (Tex. Jun. 9, 2006)(per curiam opinion)(promissory note

UTMB Galveston v. The Estate of Blackmon, No. 05-0594 (Tex. Jun 9, 2006)(per curiam opinion)(effect
of nonsuit on pending appeal, interlocutory appeal)     

Cameron Appraisal District v. Rourk, No. 04-0359 (Tex. Jun 2, 2006)(per curiam opinion)(tax on travel

Higgins v. Randall County Sheriff's Office, 193 S.W.3d 898 (Tex. 2006)
Higgins v. Randall County Sheriff’s Office, No. 05-0095 (Tex. May 26, 2006)(per curiam opinion)(prisoner
suit, affidavit of indigency)

Kiefer v. Touris, No. 05-0651 (Tex. May 26, 2006)(per curiam opinion)(bill of review, parentage)       

Childers v. Advanced Foundation Repair, No. 05-0831 (Tex. May 26, 2006)(per curiam opinion)(ILA,
arbitration, finality)

The Kroger Co. v. Elwood, No. 04-1133 (Tex. May 12, 2006)(per curiam opinion)(workplace injury,

Shupe v. Lingafelter, No. 05-0083 (Tex. May 5, 2006)(per curiam opinion)(personal injury, negligent

American Flood Research v. Jones, No. 05-0271 (Tex. May 5, 2006)(per curiam opinion)(sanctions)       

St. Lukes’ Episcopal Hospital v. Marks, No. 05-0693 (Tex. May 5, 2006)(per curiam opinion)

In Re Ron Smith, No. 06-0107 (Tex. May 5, 2006)(per curiam opinion)(supersedeas bond, net worth

- consolidated with –

In Re Main Place Custom Homes (Tex. May 5, 2006)(per curiam opinion)(supersedeas)
(consolidated with In Re Ron Smith, No. 06-0107 (Tex. May 5, 2006)(per curiam opinion)

State of Texas v. Delany, No. 04-0628 (Tex. Apr. 28, 2006)(per curiam opinion)(inverse condemnation)

The Ed Rachal Foundation v. D’Unger, No. 03-1101 (Tex. Apr. 21, 2006)(per curiam opinion) (whistle
blowers, no common law cause of action)      

Allstate v. Forth, No. 05-0057 (Tex. Apr. 21, 2006)(per curiam opinion)(insurance dispute, standing)         

In Re Barnett, No. 06-0275 (Tex. Apr. 21, 2006)(per curiam opinion)(ballot access mandamus)

In Re Karen Mays-Hooper, No. 04-1040 (Tex. Apr. 7, 2006)(per curiam opinion)
In re Mays-Hooper, 189 S.W.3d 777 (Tex. 2006)

In Re Vesta Ins. Group, No. 04-0141 (Tex. Mar. 17, 2006)(mandamus)(per curiam opinion)
In re Vesta Ins. Group, Inc., 192 S.W.3d 759 (Tex. 2006)(per curiam)(arbitration mandamus)

In Re Dillard Department Stores, No. 04-1132 (Tex. Mar. 3, 2006)(per curiam opinion)  (arbitration
mandamus, employment, retaliatory discharge)      

Matagorda County Hospital District v. Burwell, No. 03-0111 (Tex. Feb. 24, 2006)(per curiam opinion)(at
will employment, employee manual, dismissal for cause)

Wal-Mart v. Spates, No. 04-1046 (Tex. Feb. 24, 2006)(per curiam opinion)(premises liability, knowledge
of condition)

Fidelity and Guaranty Ins. Co. v. Drewery Construction Co., No. 05-0295 (Tex. Feb. 24, 2006)(per curiam
Fid. & Guar. Ins. Co. v. Drewery Const. Co., 186 S.W.3d 571(Tex. 2006)(default judgment, lost
service papers, sufficiency of notice of suit)

The Ray Malooly Trust v. Juhl, No. 04-0685 (Tex. Feb. 24, 2006)(per curiam opinion) (trust not a legal

In Re Lumbermens Mutual Casualty Co., No. 06-0020 (Tex. Feb. 3, 2006)(per curiam opinion)
(mandamus)(nonparty's motion to intervene on appeal, supersede judgment)    

In Interest of M.C.C, a Minor, No. 04-0787 (Tex. Jan. 27, 2006)(per curiam opinion)(child support arrears,
interest, retroactivity)

In Re Dillard Department Stores, No. 05-0250 (Tex. Jan. 27, 2006)(mandamus)(per curiam opinion)
arbitration mandamus, employment dispute, FAA)
Per Curiam Opinions from the Texas Supreme Court
(Tex. 2006)
Chief Justice Wallace B. Jefferson
Justice Nathan L. Hecht
Justice Scott A. Brister
Justice David Medina
Justice Harriet O'Neill
Justice Dale Wainwright
Justice Paul W. Green
Justice Phil Johnson
Justice Don R. Willett


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